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  • Using a digital camera to photograph your little one

    10 August 2010

    Want to take some pictures of your little one/s or maybe you're already taking lots of shots with your digital camera but not actually doing anything with those images?

    Our friends at Camera Shoppa, the gurus of digital cameras, have provided a few tips to on choosing a new digital camera or printing your digital images onto paper or even a mouse mat.

    Which digital camera should I buy?

    There are many digital cameras on the market these days and if it is all new to you then it can be a daunting task deciding which camera to buy. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

    How many pixels do I need?
    Digital cameras capture your image as a series of different coloured tiny squares, these squares are called pixels, the more pixels your image has, the clearer the image will be.

    As a very quick guide, try to go for a minimum of 6 million (6 mega pixels) then you can print your images at a larger than normal size (e.g. 16" x 20") and the quality will still be good, provided your camera is set to take photos at its highest resolution.

    How much zoom do I want on my digital camera?
    If you have looked at any specifications for digital cameras you will have probably noticed that the amount of zoom they are capable of is stated as a number of times. For example a lens may be described as 3x or 6x. This is also referred to as the zoom ratio.

    One thing to note is there are two types of zoom with digital cameras - Optical and Digital, you shouldn't pay too much attention to the 'digital zoom' as using this will cause a loss of quality to the image, the important zoom is the optical one.

    It is safe to say that most digital cameras come with 3x optical zoom, this is sufficient for most people, some of the smaller compact digital cameras will have 1 or 2 optical zoom, this is not ideal unless the size of the camera is crucial to you.

    What other features do i really need from my digital camera?

    Do you require other features such as Hi-Definition (HD) video recording or would you like the ability to send your images straight to Facebook from your camera without using a computer. These are both possible and will limit your choice, its best to go to a camera shop such as Jessops to discuss your options.

    Our friends over at Camera Shoppa, will show you the best prices on all digital cameras, whether you want a digital camera for under £100 or want to view all Canon digital cameras, they will show the best prices.

    Our friends over at Camera Shoppa will show you the best prices on all digital cameras, whether you want a digital camera for under £100 or want to view all Canon digital cameras, they will give you the best deals.

    How do I print the photos?

    If like most of us here at Buy Buy Baby, you use your digital camera to take lots of photos of your kids but never actually do anything with the photos, then have a think about actually printing some of them, these days you can take the memory card from your camera and take it to your local camera shop or even supermarket and they will help you print your photos or even make a photo book from your memories, or you could even take it one step further and have a t-shirt or mouse mat printed with your favourite snap.

    There are many online services that will print your photos onto a wide collection of materials or simply print the standard size photos for you, they are very easy to use websites, one of our favourites is PhotoBox.